April 17th, 2006


I am afraid of the dark /EN/

I am sorry...In English today (Fakt promiň, Ruty), because I have some kind of need to write in English. Yesterday, I ran away from my grandma´s home to do something important for school. But I finished it very quickly and I had nothing to do...I had a long talk with dangerouss. And it was wonderful (thanks for that). We finished about...er..1 am(?!). I was alone in our flat (my parets came today morning). And it was quiet and dark. Normally I love these situations (darkness...moolight...quiet...rainfall...ehm vampires?), but yesterday (ehm, today), I don´t know why, I was scared. Shadows came longer and deeper...I had a terribles nightmares (and one dream about you again;)) Do you wanna see, what is the FEAR?

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I think it is a right time to do something with myself:)