August 21st, 2006


This is not my problem! /EN/

I have some special need to write in English always when I am angry! When I am angry, my world is full of Czenglish. My mum makes me mad! I am tired of waving with "mum-I´m-the-same-person-like-before" flag! I am tired. I understand. She is shocked. She is sad. She told me, she never understand. Ok. You want a time, mum. But it is not my problem. I am happy. Sooo happy like never before. Do you understand, mum?
Ok. End of my laments. I will never talk about it again. This is something behind me. And to say something more pleasant, I found somebody of LJ users, who likes Vypsaná fixa! My dear dangerouss told me about her a few weeks ago and today I have very nice "comment talk". My new virtual friend from Poland is called irmess. Yay!!! :)

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