September 7th, 2006


About the opposites

Some times ago, Lorrain wrote some article about the opposites... Yes, they are atract :) I always agree with this and thought, that I fall in love with some tall, mascule and sport. Footbalist the best. (In fact, I was in love with someones:D) But nowadays? Where is my opposite? Me and talí live almost the same life, like the same things... We are not opposites at all. But...But. Yes, I found it :) She was born in Gemini sigh and I am Taurus... Wow, that means I am earth, stable, feminine and she is air, mutable, masculine... I am very happy now :))) We are opposites. (I hope very atract to each other, I hope ;D)

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Edit: Well, as I said... we are almost similar. Look at what she wrote here :)))