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Look into his angelic eyes... /EN/

...He is back! Oh my God!!! He is back. I saw him! I met him again!!! :)
Many years ago (souds like a fairy tale), one ordinary day I went to school (as usual). I am not sure, but it must be in the late autumn or winter, because I remember the darkness in the morning (shit, at 6 am!!!). I met one stranger. He had the most beautiful eyes I´ve ever seen. So dark, so mysterious...Awwh! He say it...he looked bohemian or artistic. And then, we used to meet every day for about two months. And one day...he smiled on me and...AND...bark at me:) yeeees, he was bohemian. And after that, I met him never more...
...till today. I think, he is...damn, I must seems to be "crazy thirteen". But he realy has the most beautiful eyes I´ve ever seen and only the glance at him make me so happy....
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