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03 November 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Hra s písmenky... jo jo, už zase  
irmess mi přidělila písmenko T.

Ale tentokrát to bude in English :))

tea - well, what about tea. I hated it about one year ago. But... Times are changing. I love tea. Earl Grey. To drink and relax.

teddies - why don´t be childish? I like toys, espetially teddy-bears (polar bears ;D)

thunderstorms - wild wind, rain, lights...wow! Outside, inside, doesn´t matter. They are fantastic.

tábor - I was there one week ago. I fall in love with this town. All buildings from 15th century, gothic mixed with renesance...

trees - symbols of nature. Green, gold, white. Symbols of time, that past hundred years ago...

Terry Pratchett - *grins everytime she reads something by him*

theatres - oh, culture...i've begun to go to the theatre because of one older friend of mine. I like it. Every year I buy season ticket to the opera.

taste - of man Oh sorry, Placebo efect. But without taste life would be strange. Taste of food, taste of woman. :D

touching - I hate peope touching me (well, I love when one touchs me), but if I like someting, I MUST to touch it. Walls, stones, clothes... skin (shut up! :D)

talí - it is not in English... but... Without talí, I´m nothing ♥
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Poslouchám: Vypsaná fiXa
Hmm: utenairmess on November 4th, 2006 05:33 pm (UTC)
Eeeee, I adore Terry Pratchett too! *_* His books are plain amazing.

Although I won't be asking for a letter again. xD;